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Before Joining the team working on Disaster Golf, I was previously working on a now unfinished senior film. The work for that film can be found on my old capstone blog here.
↑ Golfball Hippo Model ↑
Given the original hippo model, created a hippo "made of golf balls" using particle systems. Made in blender.
November 2021
↑ Hippo Animation Variations and Retargeting ↑
Given textured models, original combined idle and attack animations, and rig. Created variations on the idle and attack animation loops, then retargeted all six animations from the original model to the three other hippo variants given. All 24 total animations were finished in Blender.
November 2021
↑ Dragonfly Animation ↑
Given textured model and rig. Created animation loop in Blender.
November 2021
↑ Pterodactyl Rig and Animation ↑
Given textured model. Created rig and gave it attack and idle animations in Blender.
October 2021
↑ Toolkit Model - OSF Jump Simulation Internship ↑
Concept art of a lava geyser effect made in procreate.
October 2021

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